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SouthernHearth At a Glance

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SouthernHearth At a Glance

SouthernHearth at a glance. A look into the history of our shop and what it took to get where we are today. It all began in 2017 in a tiny corner of my garage where I would create custom t shirts and Christmas presents for my family and friends. I bought my 1st Cricut that year and watched all of the YouTube videos and tutorials that I could find and spent many late nights in that small corner learning to create things that you couldn't find in the big box stores. Later that year I opened up my 1 st Etsy shop and was in for the shock of a lifetime on how hard it was. But figured it out and became pretty successful on there. I was able to quit my job and focus on building my brand. That was scary but so worth it. Here we are today selling custom apparel all over the world. It's been a long hard road and we still have a long ways to go. But this is our story and we hope that it inspires you. With hard work and dedication you can do anything.

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